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Dec 13, 2018

Roman Gladiators. An inside look at the many different types and origins of gladiators. From the trident and net wielding Retiarius to the Thracian style gladiator made famous by Spartacus all the way to the Gladiatrix or female gladiators. 

Dec 8, 2018

Roman Gladiators. The legacy and history of ancient Rome's most fearsome warriors. We'll examine the history of the gladiators and the games they took part in. We'll explain what life, death and combat was like for the men who fought in Rome's most legendary form of entertainment. 

Dec 8, 2018

Welcome to the Warriors of history podcast. This is an introduction to the content we'll be featuring in our show. From ancient Roman legions to the feudal Samurai and the Viking age. We'll remember the bloodiest battles and bravest heroes throughout history.