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Ancient Warriors: 5 of their Greatest Training Methods

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Have you ever wondered how ancient warriors throughout history were able to withstand such brutal conditions?

How they built amazing physiques and hardened minds that allowed them to perform at elite levels. Many civilizations would not have gone far in their conquests if it wasn’t for the high standard of training on their mind and body.


Before we go deep into the greatest ancient warriors and their training methods, we will explain why being in the best shape possible is still the most important attribute of a warrior.

Having your body in peak shape will lead to many positive benefits like being confident, happy, and most importantly, having a mind that will perform better.

Civilizations in history have only accomplished great feats because of their training. Some of the greatest trained soldiers in history include;

  • Ancient Romans
  • Ancient Greeks
  • Japanese Samuarai’s
  • Templar Knights
  • Vikings

All of the most successful ancient warriors in history recognized and thrived from putting their soldiers through hard intense training. Making sure they are mentally and physically prepared for war at any moment.

Roman Soldiers

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Gaius Julius Caesar is Arguably Ancient Rome’s Greatest Leader

The height of the Roman power in the Mediterranean came from their incredible ability to create high-level soldiers. A soldier was only chosen after 4 months of intense training to make sure they could handle the long and exhausting conquests.

The most basic training required to be selected to the Roman Legions included a weighted march with several small exercises.

The most important trait in the Roman Military was mental strength, which this rigorous training definitely tested. The best way to build mental strength is to test your physical limits.

Sports and the military today follow the same principle, go through incredibly tough physical training that you are forced to get stronger mentally.

Once a soldier is chosen to join, his military career has only just begun. Roman warriors trained and marched every day. They built strength, endurance, mental toughness, and the ability to fight which is one of the most important components to winning battles.

When The Roman Empire fell in the 6th century, a key element that led to their downfall was the lack of physical requirements within the Legions. History proves that being physically active and strong mentally will lead to ultimate success.

Ancient Greeks

The statue of Leonidas in Thermopylae, Greece, | Ancient ...
King Leonidas of Sparta at the Battle of Thermopylae

Everyone knows about the legendary Spartan army and how their whole lives revolved around toughness and war. From a very young age, boys were taught the importance of physical fitness, fighting, and having a mental edge on their opponent.

Spartan kids had to go through many trials and tests, from having to run miles while holding water in their mouths. They were not allowed to drink the water and had to spit it out once they reached the end of the run or else they failed.

Spartans weren’t the only Greeks to be in insane shape, in fact, many ancient Greek cities all had elite soldiers and training of their own, it was a part of their culture.

Most of their training included running, marching, and callisthenics. After working on basic strength and conditioning, they would then practice fighting and battle strategies.

The ancient Greeks had a strong belief in men reaching the best physique possible and also focus on philosophy. Men in ancient Greece were very well-rounded individuals and prided themselves on being fit mentally and physically.

Japanese Samurai

Statue, Equestrian, Bronze, Samurai, Japan, Sword
Japanese Cavalry Units Were Incredibly Effective During War.

There are many legends told about the great samurai warriors of Japan and for good reason, they were extremely disciplined.

First of all, we can attribute the creation of many martial arts to these warriors because they trained in many different disciplines. The samurai would train unarmed combat to help with understanding the mechanics of the body and fighting. It would also help them with conditioning and make sure they were always ready for battle.

Samurai are taught to live their lives ready to die at any moment, having no regrets as they experience life. They would frequently (meditate) to improve calmness of mind and prepare to fight for their families and king.

Knights Templar

The Templars
Grab this book and learn everything there is to know about the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar was a very successful group of warriors within Europe for a good period during the crusades. They may have some controversial history, but they were very disciplined in having strong faith in their brothers and God.

To be recruited into the brotherhood, one must go through weeks of training and tests to show his worthiness and strength before God. They also had many rules to follow once knighted to keep the faith and brotherhood as strong as possible.

The Templars would be trained in cavalry, armed and unarmed fighting, conditioning, and problem-solving in different situations. They were incredible athletes and warriors, even getting the nickname “warrior monks.”

Their strong belief in faith kept these men confident and powerful throughout battles. They fully believed it and that is what counts the most in any warrior, faith within himself and a powerful being.


Brown Wooden Boat on Sea
Traditional Long Ship that the Vikings used to Travel and Pillage

Viking warriors have an incredible reputation for raiding because they took over parts of Europe. Their culture and way of life are what led them forward and helped them accomplish great victories. A Viking’s destiny is to fight and die honourably once they had a fulfilled life of conquest to reach Valhalla.

Most of their training was through their daily activities, for example, rowing their ships lifting and cutting logs and building camps and ships to travel. They would also train with many different weapons but most training experiences came from actual combat which was very frequent.

There is no doubt that Vikings were in amazing shape and born to be warriors, but at the core of all man, that is what we will still find today.

Ancient Warrior Summary

There are so many hard lessons to learn from ancient warriors that made a mark on history.

The Ancient Romans, Ancient Greeks, Japanese Samuarai’s, Templar Knights and Vikings all shared similar principles as men that led them to success. They showed amazing mental fortitude because they knew that is how a man is created and shaped.

These ancient warriors would train their bodies and their minds to be able to accomplish the mission all men were born to do, conquer.

All men should train their muscles and learn how to fight because it’s essential for survival, even in modern society. Through physical training, you will learn more about yourself than you can imagine, and with this, a man can accomplish great things.

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