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Sledgehammer Workout: Guide to Optimized Health

People of all athletic abilities can benefit from sledgehammer workouts

The Hammer has had a long history; it is considered the oldest tool and weapon on the planet. Hammers date back 3 million years ago and have evolved to where we now can do a sledgehammer workout.

Throughout human history, warriors have used hammers for battle and conquest.

There is no difference in modern-day life except for the fact we don’t use them for wars anymore because it’s ineffective.

Now, however, sledgehammer workouts have become very popular when it comes to functional muscle training. Numerous incredible benefits come when from training with the sledgehammer.

Honestly, you feel amazing and powerful swinging a hammer around. As our ancestors did for many centuries.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know when looking to start your sledgehammer training.

Origins of the War Hammer

Since the beginning of human history, some form of a hammer has been used.

The war hammer was very popular within Viking culture because it was the famous weapon of Thor. Also, it is very effective against enemies and simple to wield and forge without having much wealth.

The most popular use of the war hammer came in the last middle ages where it was developed to bash through armour since swords were not able to penetrate. 

Small hammers were used for close combat while longer bigger hammers were used against heavily armoured knights. War hammers were such an effective weapon because if it was used properly, it was able to deal massive damage to any soldier, no matter his armour.

The long version of the hammer used is similar to the modern-day sledgehammer.

The Anglo Saxon word sledgehammer, “slægan,” translates “to strike violently”. And history has proven, this weapon is very deadly and powerful when used correctly. 

The warriors who used the war hammer had to be in amazing physical condition. They would have trained to use the hammer with strength and power while not getting tired mid-battle.

Now we all can reach this physical condition through a sledgehammer workout that is specially designed to mould you into a warrior.

An example of a hammer variation used in the Middle Ages

Sledehammer Workout Benefits

Functional movements are crucial to any fitness program because it ensures that the muscle you gain can be used in your day to day life.

A sledgehammer workout ticks all the boxes for optimizing your training because it’s a full-body workout that,

  • Increases Explosive Power
  • Enhances Strength
  • Improves cardio

Full-Body Sledgehammer Effects

A sledgehammer workout done correctly will help in working muscles throughout your entire body.

From your core to your back, shoulders and arms you will feel the effectiveness of the workout depending on your intensity.

The muscles you will be training can help fighters and wrestlers because it strengthens grip, forearms and shoulder muscles that may be undertrained.

Increased Strength and Explosiveness

An effective sledgehammer workout is great for athletes because it will help in having more explosive movements.

You will feel your strength increase as you continue to use the sledgehammer in your workout routine. 

Keep in mind that there are different weight sledgehammers you can buy as you get stronger, and practise progressive overload.

Cardio and Muscular Endurance

Everyone loves looking and feeling muscular but the most important aspect of fitness comes down to your heart. During your sledgehammer workout, you will be strengthening your heart and effectively improving your health.

With a healthy heart and body through a sledgehammer workout, you will be in the best shape of your life.

A functional full-body workout such as this is probably the best option for someone looking to lose weight, gain muscle and wants to save money on gym memberships. Sledgehammers take up barely any space also, so it’s easy to store.

Check For Best Price

Sledgehammer Workout

20 Minute full-body HIIT Workout

Most people believe they need a tire to smash during a sledgehammer workout, but truth is, you don’t need to as shown in the video. 

If you have access to a tire, then go right ahead because the sledgehammer can be very versatile and used in countless different ways.

Many exercises with the sledgehammer are very simple but very effective.

There is no need to overcomplicate a sledgehammer workout because it does everything you need.

Choosing the Right Sledgehammer

Sledgehammers come in a few different weights and sizes to choose from based on your current physical condition.

You have the option from 5lbs – 30lbs and the handle increases with the weight, 28” – 36.6” long.

It is highly recommended that you start at a lighter weight to build up your muscles and proper technique. This lowers your risk of injury and ensures that you are having the best experience and progressing towards your goals.

Where to Buy your Sledgehammer

There are many brands to choose from when looking to purchase a sledgehammer for workouts. 

The best we have come across you can purchase HERE.

Dont miss out on all the fun and power you will feel during a sledgehammer workout. 

Start your journey today.


Thor, the god of lightning, in battle viking god of lightning thor thor hammer stock illustrations
Thor Son of Odin and his famous hammer Mjölnir

Therefore, the significance of a hammer has stood the test of time at being very important for human survival and in helping us thrive.

Through a sledgehammer workout, you will feel the power of your primal ancestors. You won’t need it for war but you will need it to reach your greatest potential.

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