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Steel Mace Ultimate Guide: Everything From History to Working Out

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What is a Steel Mace?

A steel mace is an ancient weapon used by many warriors throughout history.

This weapon has a long handle and at the top is a head that was made out of many different metals. This head also had different designs and features, some were big and strong for power and others had spikes to pierce through flesh and armour.

In modern times, however, we can use this weapon design for exercise and improve functional muscles while we build endurance.

Origins of the Steel Mace

Evidence shows that the mace-style weapon was used over 4000 years ago where they put sharp material at the top of clubs.

It is a popular weapon for many warriors throughout history and has proven to be very effective. 

Example of one type of Mace that would have been used

Who used the Mace?

Historians have found a lot of evidence that proves many civilizations have used the mace in battle. Most commonly used in cavalry units where the soldier would ride the horse and swing at incoming enemy troops.

Ancient India

Throughout the history of India, the mace was a very popular weapon for their soldiers to use in war. Hindu gods were also depicted holding a mace in many sculptures and drawings.

Vector illustration of Hanuman standing on the rock, Indian God of Hindu

Ancient Rome

The ancient Romans were also known to use the mace for many conquests and battles. The main users however were the cavalry units because the Roman tactics for foot soldiers need to be sword or spear.


The Vikings were another group of warriors that occasionally used the mace during battle. However, it was not the most popular weapon as other weapons proved to be more effective.

Middle Ages

The period where the mace was one of the most popular weapons of choice in battle. Many soldiers and kingdoms had used the mace in many different variations. Also, it again was mostly used in cavalry units to do the most damage by using this weapon to its full potential. 

There were many variations of the mace, Italy had its style and was mostly used by mercenaries in the north. The Germans, French, English and many more kingdoms had their style. Some were ball and chain, others had spikes and others were heavy to deal massive blows.

Middle-age themed Mace

Importance of the Steel Mace Today

Every soldier that used the mace throughout history would have had a huge amount of training. They would have to develop muscular endurance and strength to wield such a weapon while also actually knowing the proper technique.

Once this weapon was mastered by a soldier, it was very powerful and probably a deciding factor in many battles.

Today however we don’t use the steel mace for wars, it is used for ceremonial purposes or working out.

Many people that use the steel mace during their workouts have made incredible physical improvements.

Benefits of the Steel Mace

This is a very effective video showing the important movements.

The steel mace can effectively give you amazing functional movement and strengthen muscles that are applicable in your day-to-day life. Using this piece of equipment properly can increase muscular strength, endurance and mobility.

Increased Strength

With a specially designed workout plan, you will begin to see big improvements in your strength. With every movement you go through, the steel mace will provide a full-body workout. It also works many stabilizing muscles through the functional movement you will be performing.

Many users of the Steel Mace notice that they are stronger and more balanced. Most importantly, you will notice that this strength helps you in your daily life. If you work a blue-collar job it will help a lot when lifting materials, and it can help in martial arts and wrestling as well. 

Muscular Endurance

It’s extremely important to have a strong heart and powerful lungs, and by using the Steel Mace you are guaranteed to strengthen them. With high-volume movements, you will increase your endurance levels and test your mental strength. 

An intense workout will test your ability to stay consistent and work under pressure. You will feel like giving up but pushing your body like a warrior will make you an all-around better person.


Many people work in an office and barely move their bodies but now you can be naturally moving your body.

You will notice a huge improvement in the way you can maneuver and use your strength. It will feel great to move your body comfortably in ways you never had before, loosening up your muscles will make you feel more relaxed. 

When looking at all the benefits that using a Steel Mace during your workout will provide, it is almost guaranteed that your health will improve.

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Steel Mace Sizing

Find your inner Warrior

When starting with the Steel Mace, you need to be aware that there are different sizes and weights to choose from.

You can choose from 5- 40lbs and as the weight increases, the size of the shaft also increases. It is recommended that you should start smaller and work your way up if you like.

Some exercises may be easy but others may be hard, it’s good to start small and see what you can do before advancing. 

The Steel Mace could also be used for many objectives, if you’re looking to increase endurance and speed you can go lighter. But if you’re looking to improve and strengthen your muscles, you can go heavier.

Where to Buy the Steel Mace

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Purchasing from the most popular seller of the Steel Mace on Amazon will ensure that you will have a great experience.

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Steel Mace Workout Summary

The Mace has been used throughout history as a very effective weapon in battle and is now a piece of workout equipment. Warriors who wielded the Mace had to be in excellent shape and highly skilled to be able to use the weapon effectively. 

In modern times, the Steel Mace is a popular and growing workout tool that is proven to test your toughness. You will be tested mentally and physically during intense Mace workouts.

The Steel Mace is guaranteed to make you look and feel better, ultimately improving your overall health. However, you still need to make sure you are doing everything properly to maximize the potential of the steel mace.

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